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5 Easy posture exercises to do at home or at work

By Dr. Sapna |

The following exercises will help to strengthen muscles that may be compromised by poor posture. The exercises should be performed slowly, and gradually progressed.



  1. SIt up straight with elbows at sides and bent to 90 degrees (right angle)
  2. Push shoulders together and down, with palms facing the floor
  3. Make a waxing motion in the air while maintaining the above position. Keep elbows “glued” to sides while completing motion
  4. Perform for 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times





  1. Stand against wall with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Gently press low back against wall
  3. Place back of elbows, forearms, and wrists against wall
  4. Bring arms up and down slowly in a small arc of motion while keeping elbows in contact with wall
  5. Do this 10 times


wall angelswall angels 2


  1. Sit up straight on a chair
  2. Keep elbows very close to sides and pull back on a resistive band as shoulder blades come back and down. Drop your shoulders!
  3. Return to start position slowly
  4. Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions




  1. Stand with buttocks, and back against wall.
  2. Bring feet to 12″ from wall. Keep back against wall
  3. Lower down until knees are bent to about 60 degrees keeping abdominals tight
  4. Raise back up to where knees are slightly bent
  5. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions

wall squat


  1. Sit at edge of chair with feet slightly behind knees
  2. Stand up while keeping neck erect and spine erect. Your back should not bend forward
  3. Immediately return to sitting, but do not put full weight on chair
  4. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions slowly

sit stands



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