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7 Easy ways to cut 100 “unnecessary” calories

By Dr. Sapna |

Essential calories should never be cut however there are many areas in our diets where calories would never be missed and can be easily cut. What’s a few hundred calories you say? Well after this you may realize that cutting a few calories here and there can be all that’s needed to help you lose those extra few unwanted pounds!

  1. Order your coffee with non-fat or skim milk instead of cream
  2. Opt for a great gluten-free oatmeal instead of a bagel (Bakery on Main ( has a great instant oatmeal!
  3. Forget the chips and have air popped popcorn or kale chips instead
  4. Make your sandwich with mustard instead of mayonnaise
  5. Try using rice vinegar or lemon juice with a bit of olive oil instead of a creamy salad dressing
  6. Have veggies like carrots, tomatoes, and peppers when hungry instead of cookies or other sugary or salty snacks
  7. Opt for brown rice or brown rice pasta instead of regular white rice/pasta


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