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8 Unhealthy “Healthy” Foods:

By Dr. Sapna |

This list is not a huge shocker, but definitely a great reminder:)

  1. Sport Energy Drinks – You may have already read my post on Sport Drink Alternatives and why I don’t like these beverages especially when used as a health benefit. Although drinks may claim to have vitamins, fibre, or other enhancements in them they usually have plenty of added calories, mostly from sugar. So, stick with the basics when looking for some replenishment such as: coconut water, water, tea (iced or hot), or fresh vegetable/fruit juices that have no added sugar or artificial sweetners.
  2. Restaurant or Store-bought Smoothies: I commonly post about smoothie recipes, which are healthy but be careful. Smoothies are popping up everywhere but you need to know that some smoothies can have up to 1000 calories in them because they use excess syrups, added sugars, and go a little heavy on the amount of fruits they use, so you really don’t want to overdo it.
  3. Trail Mix – Yes nuts and dried fruits are a great snack but be careful with the amount that you consume in one sitting and also with what is in it. Try to avoid mixes that have candy, yogurt-covered raisins, sesame sticks or other added pieces of sodium- or sugar-rich items that you can pack on the excess calories.
  4. Frozen Meals – Be careful, these are loaded with sodium and are often low in nutrients. So although they may be fast and convenient, they’re really not adding any additional value.
  5. Energy Bars – You might as well be eating a chocolate bar with many of the energy bar varieties you can buy in the grocery store. So how do you know which to buy? Stick with low calorie, natural ingredients, and no artificial sweetners or excess sugars.
  6. Frozen Yogurt – Be careful again! Frozen yogurt can be a great ice cream alternative, but asides from having less saturated fat they can be comparable in calories and sugar. So try not to opt for the yogurt varieties that use minimal added sugars and avoid the sugary and fatty toppings that can drive the calories back up to what would be in ice-cream counterparts.
  7. Fat-Free Snacks – This one can confuse many because if it says fat-free it has to be healthy right? Nope! Fat-free just means they add more sugar so really you’re body still gets tons of calories from the sugar which then eventually gets converted into fat within the body!
  8. Nut Butter – Again one of my favourite snack options but make sure yours only has 1-2 ingredients (i.e. all natural).


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