A quick guide to having an ideal ergonomic workstation

By Dr. Sapna |

With the number of repetitive strain injuries I see in practice from neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain, and postural problems I think we need to spend some time in this post to outline the key features needed to give you an ideal ergonomic workstation. These are typical guidelines, however if you feel you’re office ergonomics are just too difficult to fix on your own you should request an ergonomic assessment from your employer.


  1. Your monitor should be set at a height so that your neck will be straight.
  2. Your elbow joints should be at about 90 degrees, with the arms hanging naturally at the sides.
  3. Keep your hands in line with the forearms, so the wrists are straight, not bending up, down or to either side.
  4. Thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor, with your feet flat on the floor or -footrest.
  5. If necessary, use a footrest to support your feet.
  6. Your chair should be fully adjustable (i.e. for seat height, backrest height and seat pan tilt, and, preferably, armrests). It should have a well‐formed lumbar (lower back) support to help maintain the lumbar curve.
  7. There should be enough space to use the mouse. Use a wrist rest or armrest so that your wrist is straight and your arm muscles are not overworked
  8. Use an adjustable document holder to hold source documents at the same height, angle and distance as the monitor.


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