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Rehab Thursday: Kinesiotape – Athletes wear it, but does it work?

By Dr. Sapna |

Sure you may have seen it being worn by many athletes and wondered – what’s that bright weird coloured stuff on their backs or knees or shoulders? It comes in a myriad of different lengths and shapes and can be applied almost anywhere.
The tape itself is light-weight and mimics the superficial layer of your skin, allowing it to hold firm and stretch up to 60% beyond its resting length.

Photo courtesy: No copyright infringement intended

Photo courtesy: No copyright infringement intended

The purpose of the tape is to help avoid fatigue, stress and injury to muscles and tendons caused by poor posture or improper biomechanics.  The taping application stimulates the sensory receptors on the skin to increase proprioception (sense of positioning of one body part relative to others) to encourage and promote better posture and reduce pain.  Kinesiotape can also aid in performance and in injury recovery for its affects on increasing circulation, which can help keep muscles activated and reduce likelihood of injury and pain

Some of the basic functions of this tape include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Improve posture and muscle activation/function
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improve joint mobility


Photo courtesy: No copyright infringement intended.

Photo courtesy: No copyright infringement intended.


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