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Rehab Thursdays: Exercise of the day – Stability Ball “I” Lift

By Dr. Sapna |

Why perform this exercise:

Weakness in the mid back, poor posture, rounded shoulders, neck pain

Who can benefit: poor posture, office workers, shoulder injuries

Target Muscles: mid and lower trapezius, erector spinae, deltoids, rhomboids

How to perform this exercise:

1. Lie on stability ball with your legs extended your head up, hips and heels line. Extend your arms down toward the floor alongside the ball with your thumbs up.

2. Maintain position as you lift your arms up (straight, or “I”) leading with your thumbs until they reach your head.
–Remember to draw your shoulder blades down and back.

3. Hold for 3-5 seconds then lower

4. Repeat until fatigued (about 1-2 min)

5. Rest 30-60seconds. Repeat up to 3 sets.


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