The Link Between Concussions & mental health in sports

By Dr. Sapna |

Conversations about concussions and their link to mental health have been on the rise recently. There have been many instances of athletes in their prime not being able to continue their athletic career due to side effects of a concussion, particularly depression. From hockey to football, sports and rehabilitation. As a sports medicine practitioner, I urge parents to learn and understand how to better prepare their children for contact sports. I was fortunate to be on SiriusXM radio with the lovely ladies of WhatSheSaid to talk about this important topic!  []

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Dr. Sapna is Toronto’s leading health expert on holistic healthy living and rehabilitation. Her passion for health, fitness, rehab, and nutrition has made her a leading authority on functional and integrative healthcare with highly regarded results-driven patient care. Dr. Sapna is a well known and respected Chiropractor, media personality, entrepreneur, educator, and a recognized leader in the field of injury rehab. Live inspired. Live Life!

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